Salakkaput (September 15, 2019): New Venue!

On September 15 (10 am to 12:30 pm) we will be hosting our traditional Salakkaput (“food lottery”) ceremony in the auditorium at Goleta Valley Community Center (5679 Hollister Avenue, Goleta). This venue is conveniently located only 2.8 miles from the temple, has lots of parking, and has impressed us with a friendly staff willing to support our needs. We are appreciative of this opportunity.

Since this will be a new experience for all of us, it’s important that we explain some of the guidelines we are expected to follow while using the venue:

-No smoking is allowed on the property

-Food is allowed but all cooking must be done off-site (either at home or at the temple)

-The room may not be occupied before 9 am

-Incense, candles and open flames are not allowed

-All monetary offerings to the monks or the temple should be delivered in envelopes

-Dishwashing is not allowed 

-We should wipe down tables and chairs before we leave

-We should bag all trash and put it in trash cans before we leave

-We should leave the room in the same arrangement and condition as it was found

-The room must be cleaned and vacated by 1 pm

Locating the room

Two maps are depicted for your reference. The Google map is oriented with north at the top, whereas the second map is oriented with south at the top. The yellow circles on the Google Maps image show the three parking areas on the property. The red ‘X’ marks the location of our room, which is in the center of the building. All of the primary exterior doors will be unlocked on the day of the event, so any parking lot or entrance will be suitable. It will perhaps be easiest to park in the large lot on the south side of the building complex and enter the main building through either of two sets of double doors. We intend to place signage pointing the way to the “ABMT” event.


There is a small, designated unloading area on the southeast side of the building. This would be the best place to park temporarily in order to unload and enter the double doors leading into the courtyard next to the auditorium. On the second map, this unloading area and the adjacent doors leading to the courtyard are shown in the upper-left corner. (Please note that loading and unloading is not allowed on the north side of the building.)

We encourage everyone to come out to the event and help us celebrate this new and exciting chapter in the life of our temple.