Wat Wang Tan (Doi Saket)

Wat Wang Tan is a young monastery on the outskirts of the village of Doi Saket. Currently, it houses three monks and about 15 novices. Near the entrance to the property, one encounters a sign proclaiming some of the history of the area, including the foundation of the temple. One of the interesting points recorded is that about 100 years ago – long before the establishment of the monastery – the area surrounding the present day monastery was lush jungle teeming with tigers, bears, and pythons. The local villagers, it says, were quite afraid of these animals and would close up their homes each evening and not come outside until daybreak. Around 1965, a dam was built nearby, dramatically altering the local ecology, leading to a much drier wildlife habitat and eradicating many animal species, including the tigers, bears, and pythons that used to thrive in that environment.