IMPORTANT: Parking Update

In the last year, our temple community has grown considerably, bringing with it many great opportunities and interesting challenges. One of these challenges is parking. Our little temple, which for so many years has served a small but dedicated community, is now outgrowing its limited space. We must be open-minded and creative as we move forward, embracing our growth while remaining receptive to the uncertainty the future brings.

ABMT remains, of course, open to families, individuals, and small groups of visitors wishing to spend time here. For larger events, we are exploring options that just may, if we keep an open-heart and a positive attitude, present much good fortune. You are encouraged to visit the temple as you always have--but please endeavor to park only on the property of Cal-Orchid. The volume of cars from temple visitors is now too often impacting our neighbors, so we should be considerate, good neighbors and try our best to refrain from street parking in the neighborhood around the temple.

If you have any questions about temple parking, please call Ajahn Khamjan (805-724-7109).