Saturday, May 25 (10 am to 12:30 pm):

We have decided to restart the Saturday programs we held last summer, though these will be formatted a bit differently than last year. The schedule will go like this:

10:00-10:20 -- General instruction/Dharma talk and a short chanting practice
10:20-10:40 -- Sitting meditation
10:40-11:00 -- Walking meditation
11:00-11:20 -- Sitting meditation
11:20-11:30 -- Alms offering to monks
11:30-12:00 -- Group discussion of the practice
12:00-12:30 -- Group lunch

The alms offering component of the program goes back to the time of the Buddha. Even today, in countries like Thailand, Buddhist monks go on daily alms round to receive food offerings from the community. It is important to recognize that the giving of alms is above all an act of generosity. Participants in this day's program are encouraged to bring a small dish (or perhaps some fruit or other ready-to-eat food items) to ceremonially offer into the alms bowls of 4-5 monks as they come by to receive it. This gesture, when carried out mindfully and with a heart of giving, allows one to begin to let go of greed.

A Thai- or Lao-style lunch will be provided to all participants during this day's program. As such, we need to know how much food should be prepared, so it is respectfully requested that those who are interested RSVP to me at least two days before the event.

This event is free and open to the public.